All photography provided by Sherri Thompson

Deep in the heart of the Florida Everglades. Clear your mind and let us take you for the ride of your life. Showing you the beauty of what we call home.


Our Mission

Our tours are not your every day tour, it's a once in a lifetime experience! Our goal is to give you a safe and enjoyable ride that you can say was an experience you will never forget. We achieve this by showing you the fresh water side of the Everglades, also known as "The River of Grass". We are the only tour company that operates in this part of the Everglades. We have two way communication headsets, just like the kind you would find in a helicopter. This allows us to narrate your tour while we continue to travel. We strive to show you the Everglades the way we see it as a local growing up in this area. We want you to say OUR tour was the highlight of your vacation.   

What a fabulous couple of hours we had! Was so nice for it just to be us and have a more personailzed experience. Our guide was very friendly and informative, couldn’t have asked for a better.
We went for a miles and saw some stunning scenery, beautifully unspoilt. If you want a personal touch, Down South is definitely the wat to go.
— EllyJH (TripAdvisor) from Wilmborne Mister, United Kingdom


We want to make your trip special, so we offer two way communication headsets for use. You can hear and talk to me and I can hear and talk to you. This makes a great trip even better.